Color Me Happy Quilt

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Monica Skov

Oh, isn't this just the sweetest quilt?  Believe it or not, it's so easy it can be finished in one short weekend. If you’re up for the ultimate no-fuss project, simply peel off the strips and sew them in the order straight off the jelly roll. With a few pieces of coordinating fabric mixed in for visual punch, this quilt is the perfect size for laps or wall hangings. You can’t beat the time it takes to turn out such an easy and charming result. That makes for a quilter happy and as everyone knows, happy is the home with the happy quilter! :-) 


First - Create a beautiful strip quilt! 

Step One:  Pick a Jelly Roll and just start from the first strip and work your way through the jelly roll, don't worry about putting them in any specific order - the creators of the jelly rolls usually make sure the colors communicate with one another when they do the packaging - so trust them.  For this particular quilt - I eliminated any duplicates and will use them later for a coordinating pillow.

Step Two:  Start by connecting one strip to another.  This is important - Sew your rows in a switch back style.  Start your first strip going from Left to Right, then sew the next strip going from Right to left.  This trick eliminates the look of the strips having bowing or a subtle curving downward effect.

Voila - my strips have been sewn beautifully.

Size Up & Cut Up Your Strip Quilt!

Step Three:  Trim up the edges of your quilt before cutting.  I used the technique of folding the quilt in half, luckily with strip quilts this is easy to do.  Once on the Cutting mat I was able to easily clean up the edges and make sure it was nice and squared up.
Step Four:  After you've squared up your quilt - keep it folded and cut (2) 3" strips, (2) 6" strips, and one 24" strip.
Step Five:  To get an idea of how the quilt will assemble (before creating the sashing) simply lay it out the 24" strip in the center of the quilt; next you will place the 6" strips on each side of the 24" piece with the orientation of the strip opposite of the center strip; then place the 3" strips next to the 6" strips with their orientation running the same as the middle panel.

Now on to the sashing!

Step Six:  Choose a 1/2 yard of sashing fabric (I used white for this quilt but play around with any color that you feel compliments your strip quilt).   Cut the Fabric into (4) 2 1/2" x 44" strips & (4) 2" x 44" strips. 
Step Seven:  With those strips you will need to connect two of each strip to make (2) 2 1/2" x 88" strips & (2) 2" x 88" strips.  

Putting it all together:

Step Eight:  Sew the 2 1/2" sashing will be nestled between the 24" panel and the 6" reversed panel.  The 2" sashing will then be sewn between the 6" reversed panel and the 3" panel.
Step Nine:  Quilt & Bind! 


Final thoughts on our tutorials! We’re not perfect, and we’re not professional pattern creators! We’re just a group of gals who want to create some FUN & FREE projects for our sewing community both in West Seattle and afar. Once in a while you might not understand the instructions, or we may even make a mistake or two. Just drop us a line and we can give a better explanation or re-write our tutorials. We appreciate you coming to the site for some inspiration and we hope you find something you love here.