Space Age Bed Runner

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Carinn Michele

If you’re looking for an easy quilt idea that is also eye-catching, this is the tutorial to try. It teaches basic piecing skills to beginners but is still an interesting pattern for the savvy quilter. All you will need is a jelly roll, some colorful solids, and a hankering for another sewing adventure. Hang on tight, this project is out of this world!



Supplies Needed:
20 strips (2 1/2" x 44") of coordinating fabrics (i.e. half of a jelly roll or one design roll)
8 strips (2 1/2" x 44") of coordinating solids
1/2 yd. border fabric
2 yds. backing
2 yds. 45" wide batting 
1/2 yd. binding fabric

Step 1:
Arrange the strips in desired order and sew together, alternating the direction of your stitching.  This is important - Sew your rows in a switch back style.  Start your first strip going from Left to Right, then sew the next strip going from Right to left.  This trick eliminates the look of the strips having bowing or a subtle curving downward effect.

Step 1

Step 2:
Press seams in one direction.

Step 3:
Cut 20 strip piece into seven 6" segments.

Step 3

Step 4:
Turn every other segment around so segments are arranged top/bottom/top/bottom.

Step 4

Step 5:
Sew coordinating solid strips between each segment and on either end.


Step 5

Step 6:
Cut two 9" strips from the border fabric and sew to the sides of the bed runner.

Step 7:
Layer backing, batting, and top. Secure and quilt.

Step 8:
Bind and enjoy!

Final thoughts on our tutorials! We’re not perfect, and we’re not professional pattern creators! We’re just a group of gals who want to create some FUN & FREE projects for our sewing community both in West Seattle and afar. Once in a while you might not understand the instructions, or we may even make a mistake or two. Just drop us a line and we can give a better explanation or re-write our tutorials. We appreciate you coming to the site for some inspiration and we hope you find something you love here.