Chalk Cloth Placemats!

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Carinn Michele

Write a message to your sweetie or give the kids a place to doodle with this clever placemat. You’ll use simple piecing, quilting, and binding techniques, but in a size that’s totally manageable. It’s the perfect excuse to use up your fat quarters and try your hand at sewing with chalk cloth. Emily Post might not approve but these placemats will definitely spice up your dinner table!



2 coordinating fat quarters
1/2 yd. chalk cloth
2 yds. bias binding or 1/4 yd. fabric for binding
1/2 yd. batting

Step 1:
Cut one fat quarter 14" x 16", one fat quarter into two 6" x 14" strips, and the chalk cloth into one 14" x 16" piece.

Step 2:
Sew one 6" strip to the chalk cloth. Sew the other 6" strip to the 14" x 16" piece of fabric.

Step 3:
Attach Batting to the side of placemat that DOES NOT have the chalk Cloth.  Quilt fabric and batting together on that side of the placemat, the side of the placemat that includes the chalk cloth will be quilted with sandwiching the front & back together.


Step 4:
Trim excess batting.

Step 5: Layer quilted piece to chalk cloth placemat piece, lining up the borders, with wrong sides together.

Step 6: Quilt the 6" side strip area through all three layers, combining the placemat together.  Don't worry the that chalk cloth isn't quilted - you've already quilted the back side so it will be secure after binding.



Step 7:
Retrim placemat edges.

Step 8:
Bind and enjoy!


Final thoughts on our tutorials! We’re not perfect, and we’re not professional pattern creators! We’re just a group of gals who want to create some FUN & FREE projects for our sewing community both in West Seattle and afar. Once in a while you might not understand the instructions, or we may even make a mistake or two. Just drop us a line and we can give a better explanation or re-write our tutorials. We appreciate you coming to the site for some inspiration and we hope you find something you love here.