Machine Quilting Services

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Our goal is simple, to help you finish your quilt – quickly and affordably. Our integrity is important to us and we want our intention to be very clear. Our quilting service is a functional service, it is not intended to be artist or show quality. Thus, we keep our stitch designs simple and effective – allowing us to have a quick turnaround and keep our prices affordable.

We will lovingly care for your quilt as if it were our own. We also feel that honesty & fairness in pricing is important, which is why we give a hard quote for the quilting, batting & thread before we work on your quilt. Below is a list of requirements that we need you to read before we can begin working on your quilt.


* Please make sure your quilt is squared up before we receive it - we don't expect perfection, so just do the best you can :)  We can only square it up with accuracy if the quilt top is squared up from the beginning. Our goal is to have it ready for you to bind immediately upon receiving it back from us.

* Your quilt back needs to be pieced.  When possible (not required), please piece your backing with a horizontal seam.  This works much better on the long arm machine as the horizontal seam is parallel with the rollers and reduces the chance of puckering, etc.

* Your backing must measure at least 8” longer AND wider than your quilt top (i.e. if your quilt measures 40" x 60", your backing must measure at least 48" x 68"). *No exceptions.* The 8” requirement ensures that the quilt can be properly mounted onto our long-arm machine’s frame (this is a general requirement that is necessary for long-arm machines).

* Please be aware that if your backing is quilted (double sided quilt), it is very difficult to ensure that the backing will be squared up.  As we quilt on the long-arm machine, we are only able to see and work with the quilt top.  If you have a pattern on the back, we will be unable to center it perfectly, etc.

* All seams on your quilt top and backing must be ironed - we are not responsible for pressing quilts and/or seams.

* We offer edge to edge, all over quilting. Our designs are simple and we will scale the size of the design based on the size of your quilt. For example, if you have a baby quilt the design will be smaller than if you have a queen size quilt. If you are interested in custom quilting, we can refer you to other long-arm quilters as we do not provide custom quilting. Our stitch designs will typically range from 4" - 8" in height, depending on the size of your quilt.

* We supply and use premium thread and batting.  We use King Tut Variegated cotton thread and Warm & White batting at affordable prices. Premium batting is kinder on our machine and high quality threads will extend the life of the quilt.

* When the quilting has been completed we will square up your quilt.  This means we will trim all of the excess batting and backing, so it will be completely ready for you to bind!


 * If we are unable to finish your quilt because it does not meet some of the requirements stated above, we reserve the right to return your quilt unfinished. You would need to pick up at our shop or pay the return shipping.



Our Quilting rate is $0.02 per square inch ($50 minimum).  We supply the Warm & Natural batting at 20% off the retail price ~ $9.60/yd if using 90" batting, $12.80/yd if using 124" batting.  We also supply the King Tut Variegated thread ~ price is based on the size of your quilt (see chart below).

Quilt Size (width x length in inches)
Thread Price
3,000 square inches or less $4.00
3,001 - 5,999 square inches $6.00
6,000 square inches or more $8.00


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