Sewing Machine Cleaning & Servicing

Our Passion is working on vintage & older model machines that not only hold sentimental value but are also incredible work horses.  There is tremendous value in older machines and it is our quest to save them from the landfill.  With proper care, maintenance and love these machines can be passed down from generation to generation.  There hearty metal parts provide a timeless durability.  In a consumer driven world were upselling and 'machine shaming' are common practice, we want to give you an option that is not only ethical but eco-friendly.  Let us be your first line of defense in assessing and servicing your machine.
We work on Basic & Vintage Models, examples include Kenmore, Singer {including featherweights}, New Home, White, Necci & Brother Machines. 
We do not work with computerized or European models.
Our servicing fee is $89.00 - we have a minimum $20 assessment fee and if your machine is in need of major repairs you will only be charged the minimum fee.