West Seattle Fabric Company ~ We're on the Move!

We completed liquidating our store-front inventory this past weekend (March 20th - March 22nd). We are currently updating our website's inventory - Post Liquidation.  We hope to have our fabrics available online for purchase no later than Monday, March 30th. 
Remember, if you live locally, we will be offering Online Fabrics (with a local pick-up option) and Local services which include Sewing Machine Repair, Quilt Finishing and, as always, wonderful Classes for beginners.  For those that do not live in Seattle - we will continue to offer our wonderful fabrics and Quilt Finishing service from afar!
Thanks for your patience!
West Seattle Fabric Company
*NEW CLASS/SERVICE LOCATION (opening early April)*
3400 Harbor Ave SW, #106
Seattle, WA 98126
(206) 257-1083 or (206) 403-1224