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Nestled in a coastal town just outside of Seattle, West Seattle Fabric Company is your local destination for fantastic Basics Classes for Adults, Kids Camps & Education, Long Arm Quilting Services, and Sewing Machine Maintenance.
For Global and Local Customers we offer Online Shopping and a Blog filled with Video based learning for the beginning sewing enthusiast.  We are devoted to taking the Fear and Frustration out of sewing!  We truly believe that sewing doesn't have to be fussy, so let us show you how fun sewing can be!

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5 years of educating and inspiring our local customers has given us some powerful feedback, look what our raving fans are saying!

Jacquelyn L

Took a mommy and me class here with my daughter and absolutely loved it! Monica is very patient with beginners and patient with kids. She will make sure you have the basics of sewing complete before you leave her studio. Cute studio in a nice location. The best part is that after chatting with Monica you will feel like you have been friends forever!

Robin D

I took the basic sewing class from Monica at the new location and I completely was blown away by my experience! Monica is so knowledgeable and personable and is a fantastic teacher.

I brought my own sewing machine to class, and she was wonderful with showing me how it works and drawing parallels between my oldie and the newer models that she provided for the other people in the class. She clearly has a lot of experience, but presents her expertise in a very easy-going and approachable way. No question was too basic and silly jokes and genuine enthusiasm for sewing and teaching abounded. I was a little concerned that taking a sewing class would be fussy and critical, but this experience was the polar opposite. It was fun, relaxed and non-judgmental.

I learned so much and walked away from the class really feeling like I had the basics down, that I could go out there and do some experimenting on my own. I felt very supported and feel like I could easily call up Monica to ask for some advice or a drop-in session if I need help with a skill or project in the future.

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Jeff H

My aunt was getting new hobbies, and this class was a great asset during her sewing journey. Very helpful every step of the way.

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Alicia M

My mom and I took the beginner's sewing class last weekend and had a lovely time! I had never touched a sewing machine prior to this class, so I was a bit apprehensive. This beginner's class was perfect though! Monica was an excellent instructor and was very patient. She started with explaining the ins and outs of the sewing machine.

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Susan M

Their sewing classes are great and they got me hooked on quilting in spite of myself.

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Suzy K

Monica, owner and instructor, offers the BEST beginning sewing class. She is thorough, reassuring, realistic, informative, and fun!

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Active R

he 2 and half hour class was so positive and helpful and it's great for beginners. I did not know anything about the sewing machine and when I walked out of the class I was not scared to try my hand at sewing. The instructor was so friendly and nice..and gave individual attention to each of us. You could go to the class with your own machine and they would teach you to operate that.

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Kate G

Monica answered several questions I had about my next sewing machine. I took a couple classes there and REALLY enjoyed them!

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Monica A

Took the beginning sewing class, also taught by Monica. She is so patient and approachable. Not to mention she has an awesome personality and I already love her after being to the shop a total of 3 times. She likes to teach the beginning class because she remembers what it was like to be intimidated and frustrated during the process of learning how to sew. (It is okay to yell at the machine to get it all out!

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Bonnie G

I brought my daughter here for a fun sewing class this past week during Spring Break.  She loved it!  She now wants a sewing machine for her birthday.  Thanks for the great class.

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Vik M

I recommend this place to any beginner that feels intimidated at other stores ... plus they answer lots of questions!

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